CE For Veterinary Technologists

Continuing Education can be defined as educational courses provided by an institution or recognized organization which supplements, brings up to date and refreshes the information of a veterinary technologist.

In Manitoba, the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA) as the regulator of the profession, is responsible for setting the CE policy for veterinary technologists. For a full version of the MVMA’s CE policy, CLICK HERE.

Summary of MVMA CE Policy

CE Requirements

  • VTs are required to obtain 15 CE per reporting period (June 1 to May 31), except during the “transition” period (January 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018) where VTs will be required to obtain 15 CE hours.
  • Any carry-forward CE hours from the previous reporting period (November 2016) must be used during the transitional period.
  • After or during the transition period, if a member earns greater than 15 CE in a reporting period, the excess CE may be carried forward into the subsequent CE reporting period.
  • CE to be carried forward cannot exceed 15 hours.

CE Certificates

  • VTs will not have to submit CE certificates at renewal time.
  • All VTs are required to collect and maintain their own CE certificates each year, for up to five years.
  • Should a VT be selected for a CE audit by the MVMA, he/she is responsible to provide evidence of the CE hours submitted on his/her renewal.

Eligible CE

  • Seminars, conferences, wet labs, workshops, distance education or learning, on-site study visits to accredited schools = 1 CE per hour
  • Lunch and Learns = Half (0.5) CE per hour to a maximum of 5 credits
  • Online courses must be RACE approved.

The MVMA Council may accept other forms of CE formats for credit hours upon request by the member if it is justified to be within the member’s scope of veterinary practice. This includes public speaking engagements and published articles. Speaking engagements and articles must be educational and support the veterinary profession.

Reporting CE hours

Each member will report his/her CE hours earned on their annual registration renewal form with the MVMA. The member may be required to justify why a CE course is within his/her scope of practice and meets MVMA CE requirements.