Scope of Practice in Manitoba

As the regulatory body for the veterinary technologist profession in the province, the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA), through its bylaws, is responsible for establishing the rules for veterinary technologist’s scope of practice.

The Manitoba Veterinary Technologists Associations (MVTAs) role, with regards to scope of practice, is to advocate for its technologist members through meetings with the MVMA and government.

All veterinary technologists must be registered in the Province of Manitoba with the MVTA and MVMA as an active member in order to work in a clinic as an RVT.

It is important to note that any individual cannot use the title VT, RVT or Veterinary Technologist or engage in the practice of veterinary medicine (as defined through scope of practice) in Manitoba without registration in both associations.

Veterinary technologist’s scope of practice is defined in section 2-9-10 and 2-9-11 of the MVMA’s bylaws. Click HERE to access the MVMA’s bylaw page.