The Purpose of MVTA

The mandate of the Association is:

  • to promote the professional and educational advancement of Technologists;
  • to enhance the knowledge and skills of Technologists through continuing education;
  • to promote the interests of Technologists in provincial and federal legislation;
  • to promote and maintain the professional image of Technologists;
  • to promote and maintain the high ethical standards of Technologists;
  • to promote the rights and privileges of Technologists; and
  • to promote and maintain a professional relationship with the MVMA, other provincial veterinary technologist/technician associations, veterinary medical professions and animal health related fields.

Mission Statement

Promote the professional advancement for veterinary technologists and advocate on behalf of their interests.

Code of Ethics

  • Members shall practice humane treatment of all animals at all times.
  • No member shall belittle or injure the character of a member of the Association or member of the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association.
  • No member shall violate the confidence of a client or of their employer.
  • Members shall make efforts to keep abreast with current advancements in the animal health field.
  • The applicable section of the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Act shall govern members.

Vision Statement

To be the primary resource for professional support and leadership for veterinary technologists in Manitoba.

General Deportment

  • Complete honesty and integrity is expected of all members.
  • It is the duty of all members of the Association to conduct themselves in accordance with this code of ethics.
  • No member shall indulge in an illegal veterinary practice or encourage others to participate in such practice, and it is the duty of the member to report such violations to the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association.
  • When working under the supervision of a veterinarian in a commercial operation the employer and not the client must pay technologists.

President’s Message

We’re so excited to have a new site that promotes our profession to the public, highlights our member services, and provides on-line registration and CE opportunities. We’re also looking forward to improving transparency and communication from our Board of Directors to you, our member.

This year has already started with a big change! We’re now the Manitoba Veterinary Technologists Association (MVTA). We’re also excited that we had the opportunity to update our job title, including title protection, within The Veterinary Medical Act.

Embrace this update! Educate your co-workers and your clients about ‘vet techs’.

The MVTA Board of Directors is looking forward to continue working for our membership this year. Some of our goals are to explore technologist’s scope of practice, improved communication to students and new members. We hope to highlight more CE opportunities for rural vet techs. We also wish to educate and advocate for health and safety in our workplaces.

2017 marks the 35 year anniversary of our Association. The MVTA looks forward to celebrating this milestone with our members and stakeholders. We look forward to celebrating our history, our accomplishments and our tech pride.

I’m excited for this year and I hope that our Board or Directors’ dedication and efforts translates to an improved work life for veterinary technologists in Manitoba.