The Purpose of MVTA

The mandate of the Association is:

  • to promote the professional and educational advancement of Technologists;
  • to enhance the knowledge and skills of Technologists through continuing education;
  • to promote the interests of Technologists in provincial and federal legislation;
  • to promote and maintain the professional image of Technologists;
  • to promote and maintain the high ethical standards of Technologists;
  • to promote the rights and privileges of Technologists; and
  • to promote and maintain a professional relationship with the MVMA, other provincial veterinary technologist/technician associations, veterinary medical professions and animal health related fields.

Mission Statement

Promote the professional advancement for veterinary technologists and advocate on behalf of their interests.

Code of Ethics

  • Members shall practice humane treatment of all animals at all times.
  • No member shall belittle or injure the character of a member of the Association or member of the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association.
  • No member shall violate the confidence of a client or of their employer.
  • Members shall make efforts to keep abreast with current advancements in the animal health field.
  • The applicable section of the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Act shall govern members.

Vision Statement

To be the primary resource for professional support and leadership for veterinary technologists in Manitoba.

General Deportment

  • Complete honesty and integrity is expected of all members.
  • It is the duty of all members of the Association to conduct themselves in accordance with this code of ethics.
  • No member shall indulge in an illegal veterinary practice or encourage others to participate in such practice, and it is the duty of the member to report such violations to the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association.
  • When working under the supervision of a veterinarian in a commercial operation the employer and not the client must pay technologists.

President’s Message

The goal of the MVTA is to promote, advocate, lead and support our members. The MVTA has an Executive Director and a volunteer Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors are the power that drives our association. They collaborate and create initiatives and bring them to reality. The MVTA Board of Directors always appreciates members who are interested in volunteering for the association. Please contact us if you would like more information about volunteering for your profession.

Our theme for 2018 will be to “Promote and Protect”. This means we hope to promote our profession with the public, the MVMA and the Government of Manitoba. We hope to attend public events such as Pet Expo again this year. Our MVTA Liaison to the MVMA will be attending all MVMA council meetings and speaking on behalf of the MVTA.

We also plan to continue meeting with the Minister of Agriculture. We hope to help protect RVTs in the workplace. This includes a workplace health and safety initiative, which will consist of a survey and possibly some educational links. We are also wanting to use a survey to assess RVTs willingness to bring forward complaints. We are hoping it will shed some light on job turnover in our profession and what MVTA can do to help improve it.

I look forward to working on behalf of our membership this year and am excited to see the outcomes of our many initiatives.

Mel Browning, RVT
MVTA 2018 President