MVTA advocates for

Veterinary Technologists

We are familiar with all legislation that affects veterinary technologists; including the Veterinary Medical Act and the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association bylaws. An example of how MVTA advocates occurred in 2015 when the Manitoba government opened the Veterinary Medical Act. MVTA was able to enact changes to the Act that were beneficial for veterinary technologists. These changes included:

  • Adding technologist representatives to the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association’s council to ensure technologists play a governance role with their regulator and the complaints process.
  • Ensuring technologists get to vote on MVMA by-laws that affect technologists.
  • Allowing for a more formal relationship to be developed between MAHTA and MVMA to ensure technologists have a seamless relationship with both organizations.
  • Updating technologists’ titles from Animal Health Technologist to Veterinary Technologist effective October 2016. This reflects the trend across Canada and responds to requests from many members who want to use the new title.

Other ways MVTA

Advocates for VTs

We educate the public about the role veterinary technologists play. We attend many events throughout the year interacting with the public and students helping them understand the importance of veterinary technologists in the veterinary profession. We also try to provide educational pieces through different media, such as social media, our website and displays for clinics. Recently, the MVTA has started meeting with government officials to work on increasing public awareness of the profession.



The MVTA President-Elect also attends the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association monthly council meetings, representing the voice of the technologists and bringing forth issues and concerns facing the profession.