Member Application for Reinstatement Fee Refund

Under MVTA Policy, any member may request a refund of the Reinstatement Fee, once payment has been submitted.

A current member of the MVTA, who is:

  1. Unemployed for at least one year as a result of job loss;
  2. Not working due to illness, disability, or parental leave; or
  3. Experiencing other circumstances which, in the opinion of the MVTA Board, merit reinstatement fees to be refunded;

may apply to have their reinstatement fees refunded, on terms and conditions established by the MVTA Board.

Applications shall be submitted by the completion of the form below and if the refund is granted it shall apply to the dues payable for the then current year only. Please note that if the reinstatement fee refund is granted, it will be returned to the individual or group that paid for the fee. Applications may require up to 60 days to be processed.

Have you applied for a Reinstatement Fee refund in the past?(Required)
Reason for Application(Required)
Who paid for your registration fee, including the lapsed fee?(Required)

Max. file size: 30 MB.
This invoice would be received from the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association as part of our join RVT membership registration process.