The 2019 CenCan speakers are confirmed!

The 2019 Speakers for CenCan are:

Dr. Andy Roark  –  Practice Management
Carolyn Cartwright, RVT VTS (Anesthesia)  –  Anesthesia Lecture & Wet Lab
Dr. Colleen Fisher  –  Small Animal Behaviour
Dr. Judy Rochette  –  Companion Animal Dentistry
Dr. Shawn MacKenzie  –  Radiology
ACHIEVE  –  Communication and Conflict Resolution
Dr. Herman Barkema  –  Infectious Diseases of Dairy Cattle
Dr. Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein  –  Cattle Health and Welfare
Dr. Chris Bell  –  Equine Health
Dr. Ernesto Guzman  –  Honey Bee Disease