Registration is OPEN for our Fall CE Events

Join us in Brandon on Sunday, October 6th for some exciting CE featuring:

  1. Dr. Joe King – An Interactive talk on Equine Practice – Horse safety, anesthesia, castrations with wolf tooth extractions, allergic airway disease/ EIPH/BAL sampling, ultrasound guided joint injections, taking radiographs and much more! (3.5CE)
  2. Dr. Colleen Fisher – Differences in Learning Theory for Cats and Dogs (1CE) and Practical Session on Nail Trim D/CC and Next Steps (1CE)
  3. Dr. Terry Whiting – Arthropod Borne Diseases of Horses in Manitoba – EIA, West Nile and Equine Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis and more. (1.5CE)

And in Winnipeg on Sunday, October 20th for great talks from:


  • Dr. Enright – Avian Anesthesia and Analgesia (1CE) and Reptile Techniques (1CE)
  • Dr. Rita McKay – Beyond the TPR – helping our canine patients with their mobility (1CE)
  • Prairie Wildlife Rehab – Wild for Wildlife – Explore the world of wildlife rehab from intake to release. Along with two special guests, an owl and a falcon. (1CE)
  • Dr. Colleen Fisher – Behaviour Adjustment Therapy (1CE), Desensitization and Counter-Conditioning using Positive Rewards (1CE) and Differences in Learning Theory for Cats and Dogs (1CE)

To register for these events, click HERE.