Rabies Response & Sample Collection Training for Veterinary Clinics

Manitoba Agriculture, in collaboration with Manitoba Rabies Central, has created a “Rabies Response in Manitoba” Training Module for veterinarians and registered veterinary technologists (RVTs) to provide information on Manitoba’s rabies control program and the required training to participate as a paid sample collector. Other clinic staff members who are adequately experienced in sample collection and preparation procedures may also be considered for participation in this training.

The 75-minute training video reviews how to conduct risk assessments for possible exposure to rabies, proper procedures for sample collection and submission, transportation of dangerous goods training, and post-exposure management of domestic animals. Veterinarians and RVTs who have completed the training module and a short “quiz” will receive a certificate of completion and a “rabies response kit,” including the specific packaging required and detailed “how-to” instructions. It is hoped that this training and distribution of sample collection kits will help streamline risk assessments for potential exposures to rabies and sample collection and we look forward to having you as part of the team!

To participate

Please email [email protected] with “Rabies training – veterinary module” in the subject line. The link to the video and the quiz will be emailed to you.


Contact Ken Harder (Winnipeg/Eastern) at [email protected] or Rhonda Foote (Brandon/Western) at [email protected] or Judy Hodge at [email protected].