Press Release: Name Change

Aligning Ourselves with North America

Winnipeg, MB, February 8, 2017– Effective February 4, 2017, the Manitoba Animal Health Technologists Association (MAHTA) has changed its name to the Manitoba Veterinary Technologist Association (MVTA).This change was made to align with the more common term of Veterinary Technologist in use across North America, as well as to increase public awareness and recognition of Registered Veterinary Technologists in Manitoba.

Following the changes to the Veterinary Medical Act, as of October 1, 2016, all active members of the MVTA will now be known as Registered Veterinary Technologists and will use the following initials of RVT.

“The Veterinary Medical Act opened in 2015 and many amendments were made, affecting veterinary technologists. 2016 was spent putting these changes into action, one of them being our Associations name.” Cindy Sontag, MVTA President

The mission of the MVTA is to promote the professional advancement for veterinary technologists and advocate on behalf of their interests and our vision is to be the primary resource for professional support and leadership for veterinary technologists in Manitoba.

All of our contact information remains the same at this time. We are currently in the re-branding process and will notify you of any changes as they occur.

If you have any questions, please contact Donna Taraschuk, MVTA Executive Director at 204-832-1394 or email at [email protected].

Contact Donna Taraschuk
Telephone 204-832-1394
Email [email protected]

February 8, 2017