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Join us in Brandon on Sunday, September 30th or in Winnipeg on Sunday, October 21st for some exciting CE!

We have amazing speakers to talk about:

Hands Free X-Rays (4 credits)
Julia Bitan, RVT and Ashley Jenner, RVT BSc
In this interactive session, we will demonstrate effective tools and techniques to eliminate the need to hold patients for x-rays. The talk will cover thoracic, abdominal and various orthopaedic techniques, and will also reviewed the elements of quality diagnostic radiography and radiation safety.

Performing Nutritional Assessments and Communicating Nutrition with Clients (2 credits)
Tanya Van Der Pryt, BSc, DVM of Hills Pet Nutrition
Questions to be answered in the session are:
Do pet owners even -want- to talk about pet nutrition at the veterinary clinic?
How do I perform a comprehensive nutritional assessment?
How do I make (or support my team in making) an effective nutritional recommendation?
How do I talk about veterinary nutrition with our Dr. Google clients …without starting a fight?

Investigating Lameness in Sport Horses (1.5 credits)
Dr. Chris Bell, BSc DVM MVetSc DACVS (Winnipeg) and Janice Posnikoff, DVM (Brandon) of Elders Equine
This session will discuss the role of an RVT in investigating lameness in sport horses.

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You are able to also register up to 5 of your co-workers in one transaction and is open for DVMs to attend. Please note that CE credits submitted to the MVMA must be justified to be within the member’s area of practice as per the MVMA CE policy.