Anesthesia & Pain Control Wet Lab CE for Veterinarians & Technologists

PROGRAM DETAILS – Full Day Wet Lab Red River College, November 17th and/or 18th 2018 Teams of participants work closely with an anesthesiologist/instructor to construct and deliver anesthesia and analgesia protocols for dogs and cats. Regular shelter patients will undergo anesthesia delivery. All surgeries are performed by staff veterinarians. Each team will perform a pre-anesthetic assessment of their patient and …

Earn CE Credits & Learn New Heartworm Disease Facts

It’s devastating to find a well-loved dog is infected with heartworms. Treatment is costly, painful, and time-consuming, and often permanent damage has occurred. You play an essential role in helping to prevent heartworm disease. That’s why we want to empower you with the most recent information about heartworm disease prevalence, transmission, and pathogenesis. New CE Course for Vet Techs: “Heartworms Exposed: …


CENCAN 2018 will be taking place on February 2-4th!

Save the Date

MVTA is looking forward to bringing you CE in the fall. Join us in Brandon on Sunday, October 1st and in Winnipeg on Sunday, October 22nd! We thank everyone for their feedback and look forward to announcing some exciting speakers soon!