Anesthesia & Pain Control Wet Lab CE for Veterinarians & Technologists

Red River College, November 17th and/or 18th 2018

Teams of participants work closely with an anesthesiologist/instructor to construct and deliver anesthesia and analgesia protocols for dogs and cats. Regular shelter patients will undergo anesthesia delivery. All surgeries are performed by staff veterinarians. Each team will perform a pre-anesthetic assessment of their patient and build an anesthesia protocol in consultation with the instructors. The selected protocols focus on anesthesia and analgesia techniques of interest to the participants, including the use of local nerve blocks and epidurals.

The anesthesiologists/instructors coach the participants throughout the anesthetic period. The very low participant to instructor ratio facilitates high quality, customized instruction. A wide variety of anesthetic and analgesic medications, equipment and monitors will be available. Course participants are encouraged to explore techniques that they can use in their practices.

Examples of some of the anesthesia techniques that can be explored and practiced during the workshop include epidural analgesia, incisional and testicular local blocks, CRI use, oscillometric and Doppler blood pressure monitoring, capnography, and manual ventilation.

AGENDA – Full Day Wet Lab
A hands-on wet lab involving anesthesia for dogs and cats undergoing surgical procedures.
7:30 – 8:00 Orientation
8:00 – 15:00 Pre-anesthetic medication, IV catheter placement, anesthesia station and equipment preparation and general anesthesia delivery to patients.
1500 -16:00 Group discussion, Q & A
16:00 Wet lab concludes
Lunch, snacks and beverages are provided.

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