10 Volunteers Needed – CARE Cat Community Outreach/ Winnipeg Humane Society

CARE Cat Community Outreach, in partnership with the Winnipeg Humane Society – Community outreach/ low cost vaccine and parasite treatment clinic for those members of our community who need it most!

We need vets, techs and everything in between to help with this event at our outreach office at 1051 Main St on Sunday, Sept 29th from 9am-5pm. This includes set up and clean up time.

We will be giving physical checkups, DA2PP and FVRCP and hopefully Rabies. We will also be treating any parasites, wounds, grooming needs. There will be 2 stations running at a time with barriers up for privacy so any pet caregiver’s questions can be addressed by veterinarians and RVTs on hand. We will be following an appointment schedule to control the flow of clients, appointments will be approximately 15 minutes in length. Clients who participate in this event will be required to provide proof of income or be from key target areas in need of our help. There will also be a focus on signing animals up for spay and neuter (cats on the Sunday who need spay and neuter will be fixed on Monday at WHS if owners consent.)

There will be a break midday and lunch will be provided!

This is a rough idea of the nature of this event, to let volunteers know what to anticipate but please let me know in the meantime if you have any questions or if I may have missed in sharing any vital information.

If you are able to volunteer or have questions please contact Jessica at [email protected] or 204-421-7297

Role: Performing physical exams, treating parasites, helping with grooming needs and note taking.

Number of Volunteers Required: 10

Jessica Thompson
(204) 421-7297
[email protected]