Research Veterinary Technician Wanted in Saskatoon

Located at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, VIDO-InterVac is a global leader in vaccine research for both human and animal diseases. VIDO-InterVac offers access to some of the world’s most advanced infrastructure including one the largest high containment facilities (CL3Ag) capable of housing multiple animal species.

VIDO-InterVac is seeking a Research Veterinary Technician for the clinical research group. The group is responsible for the care of all animals used in experimental research in both containment level 2 and 3. The group works closely with scientists to help understand infectious diseases and to develop effective strategies for improving human and animal health.

Representative Duties
• Perform blood and tissue sampling in a wide variety of species, sometimes wearing restrictive personal protective equipment
• Give injections to a wide variety of animal species sometimes wearing restrictive personal protective equipment
• Observe and report clinical symptoms in a variety of animal species.
• Be aware of aseptic surgical techniques and anesthesiology.
• Be aware of good biosafety and biosecurity measures to protect animals, humans and the environment
• Be able to understand the importance of and follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
• Clean, feed and handle laboratory and domestic farm animals
• Set up and dismantle pens for large animal trials, including lifting heavy panels
• Unload and stack bales and feed bags
• Pressure wash and disinfect animal rooms and equipment
• Maintenance and repair of outdoor pens and feeders
• Communicate effectively with colleagues and researchers, and keep accurate records
• Work with Clinical Veterinarians to schedule research trials

•Registered Veterinary Technologist diploma.
•Must have basic computer skills.
•Valid driver’s license.

How to Apply: Visit to apply.

Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.